Economic Development

Our team has over a decade of experience assisting in industrial and economic development projects across Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. We have helped clients secure financial resources, navigate state and federal regulations, manage community relations and engagement, assisted with facility project management, and more.

A successful project requires a solid foundation of research and analysis, a broad base of support from the local community and stakeholders, a detailed yet flexible plan of action, and the necessary funding to meet the intended scope. These must all come together on a set timeline and budget.

Pac/West Lobby Group is well-versed in these interlocking processes, including turning initial studies into fully formed work plans, building consensus, and securing funding from federal, state, and grant sources to bring the project home.

Professional Services

  • Budget development & management
  • Presentations & informational meetings
  • Finding & securing funding opportunities
  • Community & business planning
  • Project & development analysis
  • Staff policy & procedure development
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