Our Values

Pac/West Lobby Group Code of Ethics

Honesty & Integrity

Pac/West Lobby Group staff members are committed to honest, ethical, and professional behavior in the course of their work. No employee will knowingly make false statements or intentionally share print or online documents containing inaccurate information as factual. Pac/West Lobby Group and its staff members will not distribute material without identifying either the company or its client as the source of information.

Transparency in Lobbying Contracts

Our staff members will not encourage the introduction of legislation as an opportunity to lobby in opposition to said legislation and do not engage in lobby work in which compensation is contingent on the success or failure of those efforts. View a complete list of our government affairs clients here.

Upholding Ethics Commission Rules

Our staff members abide by all Oregon laws regarding lobbying and government ethics and rules, as well as the rules of the House and Senate. This includes filing quarterly reports with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission and completing mandatory workplace harassment training. We also help clients navigate compliance.

Professional Interactions with Legislators

Pac/West Lobby Group prioritizes professional interaction with elected and appointed legislators. It will not attempt to influence legislative votes by either the promise of financial support or the threat of financial opposition during current or future campaigns. Our staff members will not promise contributions to legislators, candidates, or campaign committees during legislative sessions or interim committee days.

Civil Conduct During Floor Sessions

Our staff members will not be inside legislative House or Senate chambers when the main doors are closed and will not communicate from the gallery to anyone on the floor of either chamber.

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