Our Team

Phil Scheuers portrait

Vice President & COO

Leadership & Service

  • Hermiston Education Foundation Board
    • 2019 – Present
  •   Missionary
    • October 2006 – October 2008

Phil Scheuers

There are few that have more experience working on Oregon’s state budget and revenue than Phil. When he left as a legislative staffer, he was one of the longest-serving staffers on the House side with a wealth of experience on ways and means. Phil maintains strong relationships with regional and state partners and has extensive experience in economic development programs, including business incentives, industrial land development, and more. Phil is known for his ability to think outside the box and identify ways to leverage opportunities to help clients achieve their goals.

Joining the team in 2018, Phil had a decade of experience working in government affairs and economic development in Eastern Oregon, focusing much of his time on the ways and means, and capital construction processes.

Selected Expertise

  • State Budget & Revenue
  • Economic Development
  • Government Affairs
  • Association Management
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Education

Phil cares about…

Advocating for rural issues, lifestyles, and people. He finds great satisfaction in breaking down complex problems into manageable tasks and helping people find workable solutions. He spends some of his free time on the Hermiston Education Foundation Board and is a proponent of equitable education.

Get to Know Phil

Phil grew up near Chicago but has made Oregon his home, sharing time between the eastern and western part of the state. He’ll watch just about any movie, but his favorites are sci-fi and action blockbusters.

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