Pac/West Communications Expands with Creation of Lobby Group and Strategies Companies

WILSONVILLE, Oregon – Pac/West Communications President Paul Phillips is pleased to welcome Ryan Tribbett and Mark Truax as partners in the growing enterprise, expanding the firm into three separate operating divisions under the Pac/West banner – Communications, Lobby Group, and Strategies.

While both will be partners at Pac/West Communications, they will have distinct leadership roles within their respective divisions. Tribbett, who currently leads the government affairs and campaign team in Oregon, will be president of and direct the operations of Pac/West Lobby Group, including the Wilsonville and Eastern Oregon office. Truax, who manages the Colorado office and the company’s energy clients, will be president of and direct the operations of Pac/West Strategies. Phillips will continue to oversee Pac/West Communications and offer strategic counsel as the three entities work cooperatively to the meet the needs of an increasingly diversified client base.

“As Pac/West has grown over the years, we have expanded our services to meet the needs of a wide range of clients in a growing geographic area. We’ve brought on staff with diverse backgrounds and expertise to ensure our ability to achieve the outcomes we’re hired to achieve,” said Paul Phillips, who co-founded Pac/West Communications with his wife, Nancy Phillips, in 1997. “We’ve now reached a point where we can provide operational clarity and increased effectiveness by creating three distinct operating entities with independent oversight working together. Over the past decade, Mark and Ryan have proven themselves time and again to have the drive and dedication necessary to thrive in this highly competitive field. This company wouldn’t be what it is today without them, and their continued leadership as partners bodes well for our long-term success.”

Pac/West Lobby Group is poised as the premiere Oregon-based government affairs firm, boasting decades of experience advocating for diverse clients across the state. With offices in both urban and rural Oregon, the team of professionals includes experts in economic development, media relations, and policy who work together to deliver creative strategies and solutions. Current clients include organized labor, healthcare, agriculture, transportation, nonprofits, education, and local governments.

“Our team is driven by an ethos of bipartisanship and solution-driven advocacy — the results are good state policies that embrace our client’s values in statute. The Pac/West Lobby Group will hold ourselves to that standard,” said Tribbett, “as we identify and recruit new talent, create career ladders for young professionals, and expand the range of professional services we provide clients and the lobby industry at-large.”

Tribbett has been with Pac/West for 13 years, playing a critical role in the firm’s legislation and campaign success in that time while leading the lobby team through the past six legislative sessions. He has spent over two decades working on legislative and business issues related to economic development, transportation infrastructure, apprenticeships, labor law, contracting code, capital construction funding, local governments, LNG terminals, and procurement.

Tribbett’s coalition-building skills have led to the development of key state programs like Connect Oregon, where millions have been invested in roads, rail, bridges, ports, and more to move business commodities to domestic and global markets. Most recently, Ryan helped clients secure a $10 million capital construction funding allocation for the Southern Oregon Medical Workforce Center, $2 million for the Curry Health Network Brookings Emergency Room, the establishment of a new tax credit for Oregon’s shortline railroads, and passage of both of Oregon’s largest and environmentally friendly transportation packages totaling over $6 billion in transportation project investments.

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