Our approach to government affairs always begins with a strategic plan. No matter the size or scope of an effort, we begin with a written plan outlining the goals, objectives, and deliverables, along with the specific methods and tactics to achieve them. We then work with our clients to identify research needs, messaging, and written materials necessary to advocate for their interests. PW Lobby Group brings our clients into the policy making apparatus and engage our clients in the legislation implementation process to ensure their objectives are fundamentally considered.

What sets PW Lobby Group apart is our ability to open doors for you and gather intelligence from the highest levels. PW Lobby Group maintains close relationships with Democrats and Republicans, including and especially the Governor’s office, caucus leadership, committee leadership, and the Ways & Means Committee. We also engage successfully with state agencies, and we have a direct line to agency directors and division leaders throughout the government. In other words, PW Lobby Group adds value to your team that you will not find anywhere else.

The success of any legislative agenda truly hinges on our ability to build a strong coalition in support of your interests. PW Lobby Group brings the strength in numbers, both in the sheer size of our team and our relationships throughout the political community.

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