Beware of The Ides of March

In the ancient Roman calendar — a mix of math and politics all on its own — the Ides represent the middle of the month. It marked the day that all debts must be paid. At the Oregon Capitol, the Ides falls on March 17 this year. On this day, hundreds of bills filled with the hopes and dreams of legislators and lobbyists alike will be interned together in the legislative boneyard if they haven’t been scheduled for a committee vote.

Pappy Van Winkle (AKA Kevin Mannix) is Back

At 73 years old, Kevin Mannix is an unlikely rookie in the 82nd Oregon Legislative Assembly. But as Pappy Van Winkle is to bourbon, Mannix is a scarcity among legislators across the country. Both were aged 23 years. The last time he patrolled the legislative chamber Bill Clinton was president, and flip phones were all the rage. Why come off the shelf now?

Mark Long

Construction Leader Mark Long Joins Pac/West Lobby Group

Mark Long, outgoing executive director of the Oregon Home Builders Association and former director of the Oregon Building Codes Division, has joined Pac/West Lobby Group as Vice President of Construction Policy & Regulatory Affairs.

Henry O'Keeffe and his wife, Lissa, on January 8 just before his eye surgery.

My New Perspective on Health Care

Health care isn’t something younger people think about much. Like retirement savings, it’s often something you put off for later. Then, out of nowhere comes the wake-up call. I got mine earlier this month.

Whitley Sullivan portrait

Pac/West Lobby Group Adds Whitley Sullivan as Housing and Rural Development Director

Pac/West Lobby Group is pleased to welcome Whitley Sullivan back to its government affairs team as the Director of Housing and Rural Development.

How One Vote Shaped Two Remarkable Oregon Political Careers

Two remarkable careers will take their final curtain call in January 2023, bringing an end to a political performance that has run on Oregon’s biggest stage for almost two decades.

Amanda Spoo portrait

Ag Communications Leader Amanda Spoo Joins Pac/West Lobby Group

Pac/West Lobby Group is expanding its Communications department with the hire of Amanda Spoo, an Eastern Oregon native with more than a decade of professional experience in agriculture.

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